Creative Thoughts
Mastery Learning

Remember the time, when  we as kind used to be involved in so many activities all the time, be it scientific or something out of curiosity? It made our childhood fun yet full of learnings. Don't you think this is a major missing in today's children? All of us know very well that the experiments done and something achieved by doing it in practical is way more important than just reading about it.Here we are, to provide a platform for Activity Based Learning for our students. This platform is to help our students to develop ideas around what is being learnt in the class and convert those ideas into projects. We will take the projects to the exhibitions and the best project will be awarded too.Engaging their mind in real life problem based projects will develop their analytical skills and will help them to excel in studies as well as in life. It will help the students to retain what they have learnt in books for a lot longer.Working on improving the excellence of the students is the key of our Mastery Learning.