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Director -Krishan Rai

For me, Education is not just cramming books to just get good marks in exams it is about the overall growth of the learner. Being good in my Academics, I started teaching part-time when I was in my 1st year of Engineering. I started to enjoy it because students used to enjoy how I teach them. I observed that many of the curious minds stop thinking because they didn't get good guidance or a teacher and have suffered from severe anxiety of exam pressure. It struck me that time how important a good teacher is in someone's life because a brilliant student couldn't qualify just because of lack of it. It was that time when I decided thanking every teacher whom I was blessed with. So, keeping this in mind,  my ways of teaching was never about just covering the syllabus or just clearing the subject but I always emphasized the development of brains for my students and how to make them build a connection with their learning.  The experience and the emotional connection, I had there, cannot be expressed in words. I decided I have to do something very innovative for the students. But it was not the time. I got many placements but decided to work with one of the biggest pharmaceutical company in the world, B Braun as a Junior Engineer. During the job, my work got recognized many times and appreciated by my mentors, department heads but I wasn't feeling in my skin because Education was always there in my mind, it always got my special attention. I always wanted to do something innovative, so after one year of serving B Braun, I quit my job and started to do research work on learning methods and teaching techniques. Determined by what I wanted to do for the students, I opened an NGO, named Vridhhikar Society and counselled more than 20,000 students all over India. I went on to counsel the juveniles living in observation homes and tried to understand what they lack in their growth period. After 2 years of free services and counselling, my whole savings got over but still I was standing, trying to do something innovative for the students, for education, with no money in hand. I also completed my Masters in Social work and Counselling to get professional skills to understand my students deeply. My teaching techniques got recognition from various organizations such as Aditi Mahavidyalaya, GMR Varalaxmi Foundation, Social Work Magazine, IGNOU and many schools in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Bihar. After a lot of drills and ups and downs, I finally opened my institute in Mahipalpur, Palam and Dwarka with the idea of providing quality education along with proper counselling to the students. Here, at J.S. Academy, Innovation works along with Education.

Thriving for more.

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Our mission is to deliver quality education which focuses on the overall development of the child including the social, emotional, mental, physical and cognitive development of each student.  Extended Learning in the collaborated manner with all experts under one umbrella.